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Roland Jadryev


Top Producer


2001 Lombard Street

San Francisco, California 94123


mobile: 415-269-1130

efax: 415-282-7711


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"Connections and Results"


I help people achieve their real estate goals, and am passionate about my commitment to helping my clients acquire or sell property.


Utilizing my 28 years of San Francisco real estate experience I apply my negotiating and marketing skills for buyers and sellers.


My enthusiasm for architecture helps me to passionately represent a spectrum of styles. I help to demystify the process, providing my clients with information and guidance to maximize convenience, efficiency and speed. I help you to keep it all in context, reducing stress..


The art of negotiation is a critical skill I developed as the Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a company that more than tripled in size during the time I held that position. With this ability, I bring a strong background of education and experience to my current successful real estate practice. In Chicago, I studied at the University of Illinois, Department of Urban Planning and Chicago Architecture Foundation that included training at the Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio.

Roland Jadryev


I am a native Chicagoan who has been living and working in San Francisco for 28 years. I am passionate about the Bay Area, its culture, architecture and environment.

As an amateur photographer I enjoy chronicling and preserving the history of our amazing City.


As a docent and Education Committee member with the Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural Heritage at the Haas-Lilienthal House, I helped teach the rich legacy of the Bay Area. I enjoy representing all styles and periods of architecture.


I have a lifetime honorary membership from the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, where I studied Italian for years.


After studies at the Alliance Française, I continue my French studies at Savoir Plus in the historic Flood Building.


The SPCA AAT (Assisted Animal Therapy) Program was something I enjoyed with little Eddie the Bassett Hound.

Planting Agapanthus in our community garden in the Douglass-Corwin Islands

Palace of Fine Arts


Council of Residential Specialists International Committee, 2008 & 2009



San Francisco Association of Realtors, Government Relations Committee 2018

San Francisco Association of Realtors, Global Business Council 2017



CRS, Certified Residential Specialist

CIPS, Certified International Property Specialist

SRES, Seniors Real Estate Specialist



University of Illinois, Chicago



National Trust for Historic Preservation, marketing and selling of historic homes

Transnational Referral Certified, international referrals

TRC, Transnational Referral Certified



Alliance Francaise

American Institute of Architects

California Association of Realtors

California Historical Society

DeYoung, MOMA and Palace of Fine Arts museums

DoCoMoMo –Documentation and Conservation of buildings

  and neighborhoods of the modern movement

FIABCI – International Real Estate Federation

Foundation for San Francisco's Architectural Heritage

Friends of the Urban Forest

Istituto Italiano di Cultura, lifetime honorary membership

International Real Estate Federation

Jewish Community Center

National Association of Realtors

Reading Partners

San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

San Francisco Association of Realtors

Savoir Plus French

Silicon Valley Association of Realtors

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA,

  ATT (Animal Assisted Therapy Program)



It is your attention to detail that makes things work. Thank you. You are a star!" ~Gretchen Rogers


"We have worked with Roland over the past 17 years. During that time, Roland has helped us purchase and sell a property. Roland is extremely knowledgeable of how the real estate market works in San Francisco and is well connected with contractors, the city assessors office, rental agencies, and is well known within the community of Real Estate agents. Roland is very disciplined and in setting a plan, reviewing that with you, keeping things on track and keeping you informed. During our purchase and selling processes we had daily communications and update on status and next steps. We felt very safe and well taken care of. It is important to note that for the selling process we did in Summer ’15, we never stepped foot into San Francisco. Roland was able to manage the entire house prep, listing, and sale without us ever going to San Francisco. This was an extremely helpful capability that Roland delivers.  Overall, I would recommend Roland for any Real Estate need you have.  " ~John McClure, GM, Intel


“Roland is an extraordinary Realtor. He sold my 1908 historical home and also represented me in purchasing my wonderful present home. His marketing expertise is invaluable, his attention to every detail is remarkable, and he is a true gentleman and great to work with. He is the very best!”

~Judy Johnson


"Coming from abroad and buying a property was quite a challenge for us. We wouldn’t have been able to succeed without Roland's help.

He's been really awesome, first in helping us to find the right property, then guiding us at each steps, providing the necessary information and working with the bank in order to close the deal on time. Actually, he did not just work with us as a true professional but also gave us many useful tips and referrals for a smooth relocation. Impressive! He's definitely the one person to work with!!" ~Yves Lewi, Vice President HSBC Bank USA


“We found a house we liked and Roland did his homework and told us it wasn’t worth the asking price (and the owners wouldn’t take less at the time).  This shows you he has the client’s best interest in mind – he is not in this for a quick sale.  His responsiveness to emails and calls is unlike anything we’ve encountered with other realtors (or even people in other industries).  Those two things, among several others, set him far apart from the others in his field. To top it off -- Roland is always professional, yet friendly and fun...It was always a treat to meet with him and to have an extra set of eyes and ears to help with the explorations.

Thanks again for all your help.”~Amy Lit


“Roland is a one of kind agent and true real estate professional. Once you get to know Roland you will find that he is extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business and will take the time and detail to take care of his clients. His involvement in the real estate community is unprecedented and he is highly connected throughout the world to the top real estate professionals. Roland is an integral part of the McGuire team and I would not hesitate to call him for any real estate advice.

I have been in real estate for over 10 years and have met hundreds of people in the business and Roland is at the top of my list.”

~Jason Miller, Director of Client Relocation Services, McGuire Real Estate



“I met Roland Jadryev in February after I had received a phone call informing me that my sister in San Francisco had passed away. My husband and I flew from the East Coast to sort out her affairs. Her house, now a beautiful Arts and Crafts home in the Richmond District, was in great disrepair inside and out and full of debris.

Roland arrived with his camera, shooting arches, angles, front and interior stained glass windows and other architectural elements. He seemed to be ignoring the dismal condition of the house. As he left, he said the optimal selling season would be May or June. He assured me he could provide excellent contractors for repairs, replacements and upgrades and organize them all in the repair process. Frankly, despite his calm and professional manner, I thought he was far too optimistic, especially considering my residence being three thousand miles away.

The house was on the market the first week in May, open to the public on Mother’s Day, followed by a number of solid bids and final sale within two weeks.


In order to accomplish this, Roland created and presented to me a plan of options for mandatory and cosmetic work, along with costs and a timetable. He was indispensable in suggesting alternative finishes and colors. Roland served in fact as a project manager, coordinating workers to avoid overlap and conflicts, resolving issues as they arose. I received updates as work progressed, sometimes daily or several times a week, depending upon the issue, along with status reports and photographs as work progressed, allowing me to make informed decisions.

An unexpected advantage was that Roland also has a background and expertise in horticulture and garden design, complementing and guiding a gardener in plant selection and design, turning an indiscernible plot of overgrowth into a beautiful, original and welcoming feature at the end of the house tour.

Thank you, Roland, for your understanding of my situation, encouragement, professionalism and communication, but most importantly, for your expertise in the San Francisco real estate market, commitment to the project and untold hours to make it successful.” ~Beth Mount


I particularly appreciated:

- Roland's professionalism and care of details: we had no clue, no experience, no opinion, it would have been scary for us to sign all those documents. With him, we felt that we were in secure hands and as a result were able to proceed with great confidence (and speed :)

- Roland's experience: after so many years in the industry, Roland was able to advise us on what is important vs what is secondary, what is normal vs what isn't. As a result we could focus and prioritize.

- Roland's tips/contacts: Roland has a network beyond real estate, thank you for recommending us insurance, electricians, down to lighting store, we save so much time and each of those recommended are very professional and nice.

- Roland's attitude in general: till the very last minutes you were with us, always at the top of everything, always remaining calm and composed.

We would not have been prepared for such a complicated closing without his patience, advice, professionalism and diplomacy. We can measure Roland's efficiency in this property deal by looking in the stunned eyes of our friends who are still surprised that we bought a house in so little time.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Roland and we warmly recommend him for anyone who has real estate plan! ~Arnaud de Fontenay

An important part of success is giving back.

I give $250 to a non-profit organization in our community on behalf of my clients for every real estate transaction completed.  These are some of the organizations to which I have made contributions on behalf of my clients:

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