Once used by native Americans as hunting grounds, by the late 1860's this area developed into the City's most dense and important center for heavy industry, with thousands of industrial workers and skilled craftsmen.


This sunny hip urban neighborhood has really blossomed in recent years.


Once very gritty and almost exclusively industrial, it is now roughly 50% residential.


Adjacent to Potrero Hill, it enjoys an easy commute downtown or to the peninsula.

Victorians on Minnesota Street
3rd Street @ 23rd Street Esprit Park

Esprit Park is a favorite gathering place for people and their pets. It is centrally located between 20th, 22nd, Indiana and Minnesota Streets.




The City of San Francisco declared Dogpatch as a historic district in 2003.  A number of Victorian-style houses designed by architect Jon Cotter Pelton Jr. in the early 1880's line parts of Tennessee and Minnesota Streets.

The Third Street corridor has been repaved and new sidewalks and streetlights  installed. The Third Street Light Rail runs from Caltrain Depot @ 4th & King down to Sunnydale.

Third Street's ice creamery

Like numerous other parts of the City, Dogpatch is in the midst of a growth boom.  Several new condo developments are about to begin and a new Dogpatch Arts Center on 19th and Indiana.


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