One of the timeless souls of the City is the Ferry Building at the foot of Market (the tiny white spiral-like shape at the terminus of Market Street in this photo) on the Embarcadero, designed by A. Page Brown who died in 1896; the building was not completed until 1903.


It is modeled after the Giralda of the Cathedral of Seville and resembles the 1890 version at Madison Square Garden, which was designed by McKim, Mead & White under whom Brown served his apprenticeship.


In 1875, Lotta Crabtree had a cast-iron column and fountain installed on Market to thank the City where she got her start.

Numerous architectural treasures line this historic street.


market street

Market Street was originally laid out by Irish-born civil engineer Jasper O'Farrell in 1847, spanning from the waterfront all the way up to Twin Peaks. Shown here dramatically dividing this photo, Market Street is rich with history.

Mid Market is currenty undergoing a major resurrection,

with new life and energy into this important arterial.


Market Street
These street lamps were designed by important architect, Willis Polk during the City Beautiful Movement. They run the full length of Market Street, from the Ferry Building all the way to the Castro District.
The Ferry Building, Arthur Page Brown Architect, 1898
Lotta's Fountain
Lotta Crabtree

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