nopa / north panhandle

The "Panhandle", the eastern strip of Golden Gate Park that narrows to resemble just that, was landscaped starting in 1870.


In the 1880's houses began being built along the Panhandle, Victorian high society's favorite carriage drive at the time.


NoPa's close proximity to Golden Gate Park makes it one of the best locations in San Francisco...only a few minutes to the Haight Ashbury's many restaurants, bars and shopping.

Fell Street at Golden Gate Park
Divisadero Street

Recently installed center strip plantings, elegant street lamps and banners to Divisadero Street (the eastern edge of NoPa) have announced the coming of age of this special neighborhood.

NoPa (for North Panhandle) is a vital neighborhood that allows one to easily fit in life balance between work and easy access to profound nature and countless activities.

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