union square

Union Square derives its name from the pro-Union rallies held here in the 1860's on the eve of the Civil War. In the center of the Square is the Dewey monument commemorating Admiral Dewey's victory over the Spanish navy at Manilla in 1898 during the Spanish-American war.

The "Glass Dome" . The ship was the official seal of the City of Paris store, built in 1909. The Latin inscription translates: "It floats, but it does not sink". In 1981, the 2600 pieces which comprised the Paris Dome were sent to Massachusetts for restoration. In 1982 the Dome was reinstalled by Neiman-Marcus, where it now resides, only 100' from its original A young Alma deBretteville posed for the elegant figure atop the Dewey Monument in Union Square

Union Square continues to attract the best of international brands and labels.

St. Francis Hotel, figured prominently in the right portion of this photo, has just completed a $20M renovation as it nears its 110th anniversary.

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