west clay park

Just off of Lake Street, with spectacular up-close views of the Golden Gate Bridge, West Clay Park is a hidden jewel.

Developed by Lyon & Hoag and officially opened on April 17, 1910, this area was advertised as "an exclusive marine view residence park".


Some excerpts from the original West Clay Park brochure:

"The only residence park in San Francisco where every house has an unobstructed marine view which can never be cut off".

"A sheltered spot cut up into large lots commanding the most magnificent outlook over ocean, beach and mountain."

"The streets are arranged in gentle curves avoiding the monotony of straight lines. Lawns, flowers, trees and the absence of front fences, make of it a beautiful residence Park. Large lots afford an abundance of sunshine and protect the view."

"The distance between the sidewalks and curbs has been purposely left large providing sufficient space for shrubbery and lawns.  The telephone and electric systems have been installed underground so that there are no unsightly poles or wires above the streets."

The home in which photographer Ansel Adams grew up is here.

American composer and pianist Henry Cowell spent time here.

More at: www.westclaypark.com

West Clay Street, looking west
Lyon & Hoag brochure cover, 1910

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